About Wick


2016-04-02 14.03.49-2In the summer of 2009, I was introduced to home brewing by my brother-in-law, Nathan, in Kansas City, MO. He had discovered a Fat Tire clone recipe online,  we purchased the ingredients from his local home brew shop. Brewed in his kitchen, and he brought the bottled beer down with him in November, and from then on out, I never looked back.  Back in Mississippi, I brewed my first batch in January 2010 where I tried to recreate that beer I brewed with my brother-in-law. Neither beer did not turn out like a Fat Tire whatsoever, but it still was a mighty fine beer. I got a little more equipment and began brewing all grain batches. As all home brewing adventures have gone, I have brewed some really good beers and some really bad beers. Sometimes I’m an outside the box brewer sometimes I just want a classic style. Dark beers my forte is, if you ask a home brewer in the state of Mississippi about my beers most of them would say try his imperial stout. That’s about it in short, I’m an IT guy, beer geek, and Mississippi State football fanatic.

Cheers and Hail State!